Snežnik d.o.o. We are a Slovenian enterprise owned by the state company SiDG, focused on treatment and processing of timber assortments, intended for construction and wood industry. We own a sawmill, where we cut 50,000 m³ of logs of coniferous trees a year.

Further, the drying rooms which are heated using the biomass from our own boiler room allow us to dry wood and further process it, while sustainability and environmentally-friendly management represent one of the most important aspects of our business. An important part of it are also people with disabilities, and we enable them to perform adapted processes under specifically tailored working conditions, while being guided by reliability and quality.


We perform our services in an environmentally-friendly manner and steer our products towards renewable energy sources.

Social responsibility

We enable people with disabilities to perform work processes in an adapted environment.

Striving towards growth, development and progress

In the desire to improve, we regularly invest in machinery and constantly optimise work process.

Transparency of business

We achieve high quality standards in the provision of services and sale of products in the wood processing industry.

In 2006, we received the FSC standard with the licence code FSC-C021700, which reflects the ecological responsibility and sonorous management of forests, with an emphasis on preserving vitality of forest ecosystems and strengthening of biodiversity.

Further, we are a recipient of the 8th issue of the no. Q-520 certificate for the management system according to the ISO 9001:2015 standard, issued in 2015, through which the international standardisation organisation, which joins together over 140 countries, certifies our quality.

In 2022 we obtained the CE certificate for structural timber, which indicates the fulfilment of the requirements of the European Union regarding safety and protection of health and the environment, and also notes of the fact that as manufacturers we have carried out the conformity assessment procedure.

Politika Kakovosti

Sneznik Kocevska Reka Dji 0056

Vision and mission:

As an important link of the timber processing chain, we attempt to increase the value of end products. With this purpose we constantly renew and update the mechanical equipment, increase the availability of work surfaces and invest in the development and progress of employees.

We make use of the modern technology, digitalisation and automated processes, never disregarding the economical, environmentally friendly and sustainable management of forest areas, creating equal opportunities for all.

Slovenian state-owned forests

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General data

SNEŽNIK d.o.o.

Company name: SNEŽNIK podjetje za proizvodnjo in storitve, d.o.o., Kočevska Reka
Address: Kočevska Reka 1b,1338 Kočevska Reka
Phone: +386 1 8930 700
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VAT ID: SI88749223
Registration number: 5699169
Current account:SI56 3400 0101 8915 718 (Banka SPARKASSE)
Activity code:C/16.100-žaganje, skoblanje, impregniranje lesa
Court registry entry number: 2018/34857
Share capital: 2.335.152,73 EUR
Year of establishment: 1953
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Lastnistvo Sidg

SINPO, d.o.o.

Company name: SINPO, storitve za gozdarstvo, d.o.o.
Address: Kočevska Reka 1a, 1338 Kočevska Reka
Phone: +386 1 8930 700
Fax: /
VAT ID: SI16766610
Registration number: 5869498
Current account: SI56 3500 1000 0792 887 (BKS BANK AG)
Activity code: 16.290 – Proizvodnja drugih izdelkov iz lesa
Court registry entry number:  12589800
Share capital: 315.825,93 EUR
Year of establishment: 1995
E-mail address:


Rok Rutar

Direktor Snežnik d.o.o.

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Urban Štupica

Direktor Sinpo, d.o.o.

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